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The Duke of Danby's Christmas Conundrum

It's Christmas 1817 and the Duke of Danby is matchmaking again! Spend the holidays in Yorkshire with freshly fallen snow, Yuletide balls and mistletoe kisses.

The Duke's Christmas Conundrum includes:



An arranged engagement could become a marriage in truth at the annual Danby Christmas Party. After weathering a dismal Season, Lady Frances Carew is astonished at the upheaval in her life. Now that both of her elder brothers have married within a year, and her sister about to be engaged, Frances is eager to find some anchor. But her formidable great-uncle, the Duke of Danby, may already be plotting with her grandmother, the dowager Marchioness of Westchester, to marry her off to the first respectable gentleman they can find. Frances’s only hope of controlling her own life is to arrange her own marriage before Christmas.


David Merritt, Earl of Lindsay, a widower with a precocious young daughter, is being badgered into matrimony by his sister. While he wants to provide his daughter with a mother, he also wants to wrest control of his life back from his sister and choose his own bride. What better wife could he choose than quiet, practical Lady Frances Carew, his best friend’s younger sister?


But the security of an arranged engagement falls apart when His Grace objects to the match. Frances and David have only a few magical days at the Danby Christmas gathering to prove to His Grace that their arranged courtship is no falsehood. In fact, His Grace’s blessing must unite a family through marriage.

The thought of spending Christmas at Danby Castle with her matchmaking great-uncle filled Lady Tabitha Storm’s heart with dread. She would love a match, of course, but only with the handsome horseman she’d spied in Hyde Park throughout the last season. Unfortunately, she doesn’t even know the gentleman’s name. 


Andrew Delaney, Viscount Straffan was determined to eat, drink and be merry surrounded by family and friends in Ireland, but when The Duke of Danby dangled the one thing he coveted above all others, he had no choice but to travel to Yorkshire for Christmas. Before Danby will agree to the deal, he required one final task. Thankfully, it involved the beauty he’d spied strolling in Hyde Park. Would Andrew gain more this holiday than he ever dreamed, or would his Irish heritage stand in his way?

Cristiana, Lady Kendal only wanted to feel alive when she welcomed Adam Brighton into her bed. Now she has a daughter she never plans for him to discover. That is until the Duke of Danby summons Adam to Yorkshire for the holiday, and he appears on her doorstep. Now she must choose between her desire for him and her determination to protect her child from the rogue who'd never claim her.





I write books, mostly about common people facing uncommon challenges to
faith and love.

I love writing clean and wholesome stories that you can share with your grandmother and your daughter.

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