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A Christmas Courtship

Anthony Carew, Earl of Bexley, is the unwitting object of scandal when his betrothed elopes with another man. While Bexley is all too happy to return to a quiet life of farming, his formidable grandmother, along with her brother, the Duke of Danby, have different plans. To quiet gossip and fulfill his duty as the eldest son, he must find a wife, and soon.


Shy Rosamond Hughes has secretly been in love with Bexley’s younger brother for years, and she is encouraged by his sisters to sweep the wandering younger son off his feet when he returns home for the holidays. What better way to hone her meager flirting skills than by practicing on their recently jilted brother, Bexley?


In her quest to follow her heart, Rosamond accompanies the Carews to Christmas at Danby Castle. After a few magical days, she finds that the man she adores is the man she’s been pretending to flirt with all along. Now it only remains for the young lady to convince the farmer to take a wife.

Previously published in The Duke's Christmas Greetings.

A Second Chance for Christmas

A summons from Philip's "dying" grandfather, the Duke of Danby, is the only thing that can bring him back to England after being jilted by Emily Barlow. It means giving up his life of debauchery for a few weeks, but he has to stomach it for the sake of the family. After the holidays, he can return to his drinking and his women in Italy, pretending to be someone he's not so that he can hide his wounded heart. 

Emily Barlow abruptly finds herself a penniless widow, with no way to care for herself or her young child. The only thing she can do is appeal to the grandfather of her childhood friend, Philip, to see if he can offer her a position in his household. After all, he is the Duke of Danby--perhaps he can provide her with the employment she needs to secure her daughter's future. 

Danby himself has decided it's long past time for his family to settle their affairs and settle down in wedlock. Will he have to step in and make things right between Emily and Philip? Or will they both earn a second chance at Christmas?

Previously published in A Summons From Danby Castle.

The Captain Takes a Bride

Lord Richard Carew has just returned from his last ocean voyage with more cargo than expected – a fortune to call his own and a child entrusted to his care. Unsure if he should settle down or heed the call of the sea once more, he enlists the help of governess Laura Stephens to raise his young ward. As Laura quietly turns his house into a home and his ward into family, Richard wonders if perhaps his existence as a wandering rake is as appealing as it used to be. 

Miss Laura Stephens has nothing to call her own – raised a penniless orphan, she must make her way in the world. Thanks to Captain Carew, she has a roof over her head and some measure of independence – as long as she doesn’t do anything so foolish as to fall in love.

Previously published in Outwitting the Duke.

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